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    February 2013

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    We Are One Economy
    Velocio — New Business/ New Concept
    Compucenter — New Business/ New Concept
    Airport Update
    Fly Sun Valley Alliance
    Sun Valley Film Festival
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    Trust & Positivity  



    Tuesday night I sat in a Ketchum City Council meeting and heard some things you don’t hear very often in this valley.  I was so shocked that I just had to share the experience, so here it is.


    The Blaine County Commissioners were presenting a large check to the City of Ketchum, something to do with substantial savings from the consolidation of the police functions between the county and the city.  Commissioner Larry Schoen started talking about how the two governments were successful in this project because they had built TRUST into their relationship and worked together for a common cause, or something to that effect.  Isn’t this what our government should be about?  Government working for the citizens in a thoughtful and respectful manner, working together to solve common problems? Kudos to Commissioner Schoen for reminding us that local government does NOT have to be dysfunctional, there is a better way.


    Prior to that, Mayor Randy Hall gave out some plaques of appreciation to some really deserving folks, including Police Chief Steve Harkins, who had implemented the consolidation with his team.  Jason Miller from Mountain Rides was commended for his exceptional service to the community, as were Joshua Wells of Sun Valley Mustard and Alpinfoto and Brian Christiansen, Street Superintendent.


    It wasn’t the plaques that impressed me, it was the sincere and thoughtful way that the Mayor talked about these individuals, teams, and Departments.  Normally quiet City Administrator Gary Marks also chimed in about the exceptional performance of Steve and his team.


    Earlier in the meeting, Mayor Hall displayed several large posters of accomplishments of the city over the past 5 years.  What an impressive list.  Everyone should go look at those posters.  Once again, the Mayor humbly thanked the City Council and City Staff for their help in all these accomplishments.


    You can see why I was shocked, can’t you?

      It seems like TRUST and POSITIVITY have eluded Wood River valley government interactions on many issues.  Of course we have tough issues to work through, but wouldn’t it be nice if TRUST and POSITIVITY were the norm and not the exception?


    WREP keeps an email list of the elected officials on our website:  www.WrepOfIdaho.com .  Feel free to tell your local government what you think.

    Ketchum Charts Progress

    Ketchum City Budget:  A Good News Story
    Mayor Randy Hall, Ketchum City Council and Staff unveiled new budget numbers showcasing substantial savings in the City’s operating expenses.  The important points include:


    ·          Budget reduced from $16.7 million to $13.6 million
    ·          $8.2 million in budget savings since FY2008
    ·          Size of government reduced by 40%, from 79 to 47 employees without compromising any City Services.

    Ketchum Budget Savings 

     We Are One Logo 


    We Are One Economy
    WREP supports purchasing local when it makes sense. 

    After talking with many businesses and other locals we realized that if everyone made an effort to redirect part of their Twin and Internet purchases to local businesses and professionals we could make a profound difference in the total dollars circulating in our valley economy.


    Please take a minute to check out our new website:  www.weareoneeconomy.com .  Lots of important information and a one minute SURVEY to fill out.


    WREP is serving as a catalyst with businesses, other locals and organizations to create an on-going effort to increase awareness of the benefits of purchasing more locally.  To view and download TEN REASONS TO BUY LOCAL go to:  www.weareoneeconomy.com .


    Velocio — New Business/ New Concept 
    A new community-owned coffee and tea business, VELOCIO, is sprouting at the former Tully’s Coffee location in the Colonnade building at the corner of Sun Valley Road and Walnut Avenue in Ketchum. 

    According to Colonnade Managing Member Jack Bariteau,” the store will offer organically grown and nurtured sourced teas from 5 Mountains Tea of San Francisco, specialty food offerings prepared off site by local suppliers and vendors, state of the art coffee and tea equipment and accessories, hand- made gelato and a wine and champagne bar dispensing by the glass and the bottle.  The look of the store will be modern industrial and be more urban in design than previously seen in the Sun Valley market.”

    The downtown cores of Hailey and Ketchum have both suffered significantly in this recession and like all small towns throughout America, face assault against the very reason for their existence as historically vital shopping and business districts. 

    Commerce is continually being transformed by the power of the internet.  The crisis in the nation’s banking sector makes securing new business loans from banks, who used to be the primary source of these funds, next to impossible.  It is vital that downtown building owners and our local and visitor community band together to begin to set a new course by sponsoring retail businesses and supporting them as integral components of our daily downtown experience. 

    Without this campaign, we will lose the vibrancy of community that a robust and financially stable downtown Ketchum provides for each and every one of us.”


    You can reach Jack Bariteau at 650-906-5636 or jack@waypointsunvalley.com .

    VELOCIO is additionally unique in that majority ownership will be provided by local investors in shares as low as $5,000,” according to Bariteau. “VELOCIO represents the type of investment that I now see as essential and necessary for the long term economic health and vitality of the towns of the Wood River Valley.


    Bariteau continued:  “we are excited about our Operating Director, Stephanie Olson, who has extensive experience in Ketchum and Boise.  And couple that with nationally recognized single source direct trade roaster Intelligentsia (operating out of Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco) and we feel we have a terrific concept for one of the best locations in the valley.”

    Compucenter — New Business/ New Concept 
    The COMPUCENTER is here!
    Making it easy for YOU to

    “Take a bite out of tech!”

    Both Mac and PC repair, service & Rental

    ·          Professional Workstations with high speed internet access, Office 365, Adobe Creative Suites, Resources, Cloud Services and more!
    ·          Presentation Room with multiple large screens up to 106″ and comfort seating for clients and associates.
    ·          Training Room: Fully equipped for soft skills training, multiple 40″ & larger HD displays.
    ·          State of the Art Console and PC arcade, packed full of Games, Entertainment & Educational Resources


    Come into the COMPUCENTER and enter a world of advanced technology. The COMPUCENTER was designed to make it easy for you to have access to high quality hardware and software at a reasonable price. We offer demonstrations of hundreds of applications on custom built computers you can use or purchase.


    Whether you need to communicatevia Skype, GoTo Meeting or Google Plus, surf the web, design business materials, educate or entertain yourself, we have the applications, the hardware and the resources to help you accomplish your many goals.


    For your convenience, a dedicated on-site administrator will be available for support 11 hours a day, 7 days a week!


    We will help make it easy for YOU to “Take a bite out of Tech”!

    Call us if you are having issues with your technology products… 


    Downstairs Giacobbi Square, Ketchum
    John Crowder (208) 450-9260     Crowjohn13@gmail.com

    The COMPUCENTER can handle all of your computer service and repair needs for your home, office, and mobile devices!

    FMA Logo

    Airport Update


    Improvements to Friedman Memorial AirportThe FAA has indicated that FMA has design deficiencies that, if not remedied, could result in the reduction or elimination of some air service. As such, the FMAA has instructed airport staff to work with the FAA to explore what fixes can be made at the existing airport. The FAA’s Northwest Mountain Regional Office has determined the next steps are to execute a technical analysis of possible alternatives to meet the design standards for the aircraft that use the airport currently (C-II and C-III). A Draft Airport Alternatives Technical Analysis was presented to FMAA in November 2012.
    Latest Updates:
    • The FMAA board has approved a scope of work aimed at outlining a plan to bring Friedman Memorial Airport more into compliance with FAA design standards. The scope of work outlines a number of tasks including:
    • An Airport Layout Plan (ALP) update focused on achieving runway safety area compliance by the 2015 federal statutory deadline
    • A phasing plan which will outline strategic timing of the proposed modifications aimed at maximizing construction seasons while minimizing impact to Airport operations
    • A capital improvement plan which will identify how these improvement will be funded
    • The Instrument Procedures Feasibility Study approved at the December 2012 FMAA meeting is underway and the report is expected late March.

    Pursuit of a replacement airport – A replacement airport is likely the best long-term solution for air service to this community. Critical components in the replacement airport process would include locating a feasible site, building community support, identifying and developing funding sources and evaluating operational feasibility.

    Latest Updates:
    • FAA rules require significant progress be initiated within three years of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Final Decision, or the determination expires. Because FMAA now considers a replacement airport a long-term solution, termination of the EIS at this time may be warranted. FMAA intends to consider this major decision at a future FMAA meeting.
      • If the EIS is terminated, FMAA would move forward with a siting study to identify a suitable site for a replacement airport, using technical information gathered in the EIS and other previous studies wherever possible. The FAA would assist with this study.
      • At the February 12 meeting, FMAA did not determine next steps on the EIS or replacement airport process.

     FSVA Access Card Logo

     Thank You Air Service Supporters

    We have added an

     Air Supporters page to recognize the hundreds of individuals and businesses and local governments who are supporting economic development through the Air Service retention, improvement and development efforts of FSVA.




    Air Service Meetings with area Businesses

    Fly Sun Valley Alliance is participating in meetings with Friedman Memorial Airport officials and area employers whose staff and clients are frequent air travelers. The purpose is to get input from the businesses on their most important air service needs, as well as to update them on the many recent positive initiatives that the airport is undertaking to improve SUN and make it more reliable as well as the joint FMA and FSVA efforts to expand and improve commercial service.

    If you are a local area business whose staff travels frequently and would like to participate in a one-on-one meeting about air service, please contact Airport Communications Director Candice Pate, candicepate@gmail.com.

    Sun Valley Film Festival

    The buzz is buildi

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