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    Whole Foods Belmar

    Whole Foods Belmar

    An update on our recent foray into the Colorado market.  Here’s some remarks our demo team is getting from customers.

    “I was surprised to see so many people excited for mustard… jumping for joy excited. Some customers expected this mustard to be a tangy yellow mustard and weren’t impressed, but the (sic) majority of those who enjoy and appreciate a good mustard said this is the best thing they have ever tasted. The look on customers faces when they first tried the mustard was very entertaining; some had a WOW look, others were speechless, and a 2 year old started crying when she tried it. Only one negative comment that I heard was that a customer said this product should be organic, especially if it includes eggs. It seemed that jalapeno and garlic were customers favorites while demoing.”

    By the way, we are now using locally sourced, organic free-range eggs from the Wood River Sustainability Center.

    Sun Valley Mustard is bring great mustard to the masses.

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